3 weeks to go – welcome to the blog


I’m looking out of my window over Wales and the Bristol Channel towards where Coleridge lived in Nether Stowey.  He was at his poetic most creative around those hills.

In just over three weeks time we begin a cultural adventure to discover lost qualities and insights of Coleridge.  The ship from his great poem ‘The Rime of The Ancient Mariner’ will sail into South Wales. Then we begin an 80 day adventure around Wales, along routes traveled by Coleridge – with excursions – to find hidden Welsh treasure.

In true Coleridge style we have little money, tonnes of ambition and a big vision of our human potential. The adventure depends on participation of communities and individuals. There have been such warm responses from all parts Wales, and we are inviting those responses to continue and grow.    Join the adventure…..

I began this project by telling a neighbour that I was planning to travel Wales to discover more about Coleridge’s missing story and modern Wales. He said “I’ll cycle it!”  The whole thing has grown from there.






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