Wedding preparations

20160502_152703 (2)

The best thing about this project is meeting new people and exploring new opportunities.

I’ve spent the afternoon yesterday with five guys from Newport’s amazing Sanctuary Project making plans for the representation of a wedding on Sunday May 15th as part of The Return of The Ancient Mariner.

The groom’s party will be represented by  the Sanctuary project who welcome people to Newport from all over the world and the bride’s party will be represented by Welsh singer and artist Ani Saunders.  Today was a great opportunity to explore Cardiff Bay where the happenings will take place – and it was especially nice because really heavy rain was forecast but didn’t show up.

The whole project looks at how we hold ideas of identity, belonging and hospitality in the differing landscapes and communities of Wales.A wedding is a coming together.

Coleridge’s most famous poem is set within a marriage feast.


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