A bit overwhelmed…



I’ve just sat down having closed about 30 windows on the computer. Its the end of another busy day. And a big one.

Final preparations for the ship to come in to South Wales later this week.  News circulating around the town of Penarth that there will be a Welsh culture and language celebration in the town on Friday. The National Museum of Wales have just put up thier display of Ancient Mariner engravings by David Jones. The phone has gone none stop. I’ve more INBOX than my my fingers can cope with. WNO have donated old canvas to dress the ghost ship. Students from Cardiff Met University are preparing to decorate it when it comes into harbour. Community groups, musicians and poets are preparing for Sunday’s happenings in Cardiff Bay….

I’ve been talking about this and more with hundreds of people over 30 months. And suddenly it’s all happening. Now I’ve stopped for the night, it all seems a little remarkable. It’s finally arriving.

There’s no sense of achievement though – I’m aware there are hundreds of people expecting emails and wanting to be involved all around Wales this summer, and organise responses and events who I haven’t been in touch with for ages.  I’m really frustrated and sorry not to have been back in touch – we have had so little resource so far…

But today, we’ve had a great boost. The Wales Millennium Centre have sent a project manager to work at my elbow, and help the work to grow again. So tomorrow, I’ll be back on the great INBOX and look forward to hearing from many of you again.

Next week I’ll be out on the road, and the adventure will have begun… do drop a quick email before I begin the journey. Looking forward to seeing so many of you across wales soon. Thank you. Your participation and contributions have made the festival, and will continue to do so.


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