Coleridge’s garden

13174005_10153604716098513_3727101488527722593_nI left the house at 6.30 this morning.

I left the car too.  80 days around Wales without the thing. I cycled to the station.

At Nether Stowey I spent he day chatting with staff, volunteers, the public and members of Friends Of Coleridge. We read poems in the house where Colerige wrote ‘Frost at Midnight’, the garden close to where he wrote ‘Lime Tree Bower’ and we imagined his friends in the little front room listening to Kubla Khan.
Back to Penarth by train. I cycled down the hill to see The Matthew coming through Cardiff Barrage.  The festival starts tomorrow. The ship is here. The Matthew team were thirsty after a hot day on the water. I left them on the balcony of Pier 64. I have never bought a round for an entire crew before. New experiences all round today.

Imagine what tomorrow might bring.

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